A Painters Portrait

 In my first year of grammar school I fell out of a tree and broke both of my arms. After a week- long stint in the hospital and convalescing at home, I returned to school. Covered in two cinder-block plaster casts the length of each arm I struggled  terribly to fit behind my desk, as the teacher approached, she  further complicated an already embarrassing situation by asking sarcastically,

 "Do you think you can write?"

Finally settled, I thought for a moment and answered,  "No...but I can color"  

  Color  is the central component of my art, and it is my desire to create a sense of atmosphere through it's many variations . It brings unity to the painting, and determines the emotion and mood of each piece.  It is important for me to have an experimental attitude. I let the painting dictate the direction, and in many cases, it opens up new possibilities that are often more interesting.  Each work has its own timeline, and its own direction. I have no pre-conceived ideas before putting the brush to the canvas or paper, only techniques I want to try, or practices I want to follow. My goal throughout is to discover something new about the process that will support the evolution of my art.


Selected Group Shows


#13 Abstract Artists Group Show

Middletown Library, Middletown, NJ


Gallery 211/ Bravitas Group: 

Two Person Show w/ Shari Epstein

Red Bank, NJ

Look Up Look Down

The Art Alliance of Monmouth County

Red Bank, NJ

What Were They Thinking

Highlands Borough Arts Council

Highlands, NJ

Winter Wonders

The Monmouth Museum



38th Annual Juried Art Exhibit

The Monmouth Museum


The Color of Energy

Valley Arts


Optimism in Action

Short Stories/Peg Williams Gallery


Lyrical Abstraction/12 Abstract Artists

Grant Avenue Gallery

Deal, NJ

Movement on Canvas

Short Stories/Peg Williams Gallery

Madison, NJ


Open Orange 2018

Valley Arts, Orange,NJ

INT-O Yellow Group Show

Short Stories/Peg Williams Gallery

Scratching the Surface

Short Stories/Peg Williams Gallery

Madison, NJ


Open Orange 2019

Valley Arts, Orange NJ

The Locals/ Four NJ Artists

Bungalounge, Long Branch NJ